medical underwriting for insurers

 Application review
- digital  
MINDS medical supports insurers in the examination of applications in medical risk analysis. Our software solution "MM-sure" uses artificial intelligence to digitize a part of your underwriting workflows.

- automated 
MM-sure can automatically analyse the health risks of many customer enquiries within a few seconds on the basis of a submitted doctor's letter. This allows your customers to directly select the appropriate insurance package without any further inquiries.​

- protected

As an insurer, you place great value on protecting your customers' data. This is why MINDS medical installs the software directly on your server.
In this way, you retain full control over confidential patient data and protect the personal data of potential new customers and existing customers. 

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The problem
The admission of new customers presents insurers who offer health and life insurances with the challenge of evaluating individual risks through health issues. In most cases, insurance brokers without previous medical knowledge take over the data acquisition. On this basis, the analysts in the insurance company have to decide about the customer.
Often the risks are wrongly assessed. Interested customers are classified in the wrong risk groups and thus in the wrong premium category - or they are even unnecessarily rejected. The costs for medical risk evaluations and broker distributions are enormously high - nevertheless many people remain without insurance or get into inappropriate premium categories.

Our solution
The software "MM-sure" codes customer enquiries automatically and on the basis of data. Our technology is built on artificial intelligence and learns to code based on previous decisions. It is able to analyse the medical risks of each potential new customer independently and offers the appropriate tariff on the basis of submitted doctor's letters. The diagnoses of the medical letters are converted into codes according to the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems (ICD-10) and compared with the specifically defined health issues. Insurance companies can thus save up to 30% on underwriting costs.


at a glance

MINDS medical is the only provider on the market that analyses medical risks with artificial intelligence for insurers.
What makes our software so special?

Digitization of processes
MM-sure automatically detects diagnoses in medical  texts.

Increase of diagnostic quality  
Through knowledge transfer, consistent diagnostic standards can be ensured throughout the entire insurance company.

The built-in machine learning techniques allow underwriters to train MM-sure not to repeat mistakes.
Automatic adjustment
MM-sure automatically applies changes to the diagnostic rules. Unlike rule-based systems, no on-site technician is required.
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