automated case coding for hospitals

Performance -
  MINDS medical supports hospitals in reimbursement for their medical services. Our software "MM-care" automates the medical coding of patient files. Artificial intelligence enables it to automatically code up to half of all cases with revenue security.

Specialists -

  Every hospital needs competent staff to code its services correctly. To do so, doctors must be seconded, medical controllers must be hired, or external coding companies must be commissioned.
Only those hospitals who ensure the coding quality can get reimbursed all services from the health insurers. "MM-care" relieves your specialists.
The coding specialists now have time to code the highly complex cases in a revenue-proof way and the medical staff can concentrate on their core task again: taking care of patients.
Data -

  Your hospital sets a high value on protecting your patients' data. That's why MINDS medical installs "MM-care" directly on your server.
This way the confidential patient data never leaves your premises and you retain full control.

German version
The problem
In German hospitals about 20 million patients are treated as inpatients every year. Hospitals have to assign doctors and medical controllers for the reimbursement from the health insurers - well-paid workers who are difficult to find in the marketplace. The consequences are bad and late reimbursements, while an increasing number of hospitals are threatened by insolvency.

Our solution
Artificial intelligence based on historical data enables "MM-Care" to automatically encode numerous new reimbursement cases. After a short training period, you can use MM-care to automatically encode about half of all patient cases. This enables hospitals to significantly improve the quality of coding and reimbursement. There is no need to hire additional coding specialists and doctors can concentrate on treating patients. MM-care relieves the workload for coding specialists, allowing them to take time for complex cases or support doctors in documenting cases.


at a glance

MINDS medical is the only provider on the market that uses a coding assistant with artificial intelligence.
What makes our software so special?​

Digitization of processes
MM-care automatically codes about half of all patient cases.

Increased coding quality
Through knowledge transfer, consistent coding standards can be ensured throughout the entire hospital network.

The built-in machine learning techniques allow medical controllers to train MM-care not to repeat mistakes.
Automatic adjustment
MM-care automatically applies changes to the coding rules. Unlike rule-based systems, no on-site technician is required.​
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