Our mission: healthy people
MINDS medical relieves the healthcare system from hospitals to insurers.
Our artificial intelligence learns to understand medical texts in order to code diagnsis related groups or analyse insurance risks. We rethink work processes for hospitals and insurers and support them in digitization. In this way, our customers accelerate their processes and gain time for the essential: The healthy person.
Our technology: artificial intelligence
MINDS medical has developed a system based on artificial intelligence for medical coding.
Our coding assistance systems learn from the experiences of medical controllers and underwriters to gain an understanding of medical coding.
We are the first provider for the healthcare industry to use this technology.  

Our promise: seamless integration  
MINDS medical integrates seamlessly into existing information systems: "MM-care" into the system landscape of your hospital, "MM-sure" into your insurance company.
"MM-care" automatically codes the digital medical documentation for the Diagnosis Related Groups (DRG) in hospitals. "MM-sure" supports insurers with the same underwriting technology for the analysis of previous diseases. We adapt our system to your specific requirements and install it on site. In this way, you protect your personal data in the best possible way and never lose it.

Our company: quick start  
MINDS medical is a technology startup from Frankfurt, was founded in summer 2016, has already won its first customers in summer 2017 and has been operating as a GmbH since the beginning of 2018.
The founders specialize in the development of artificial intelligence for the healthcare industry.
Because of the Goethe-Unibator and the EXIST startup scholarship, we quickly got off the ground.

Our partners: great support

MINDS medical has gained valuable partners since its foundation.  

(06.2016 -05.2017)

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